Lecture Handouts

March 4 Lecture Handouts

  • Telehealth and the Technology Dilemma: How to Fill Gaps in Healthcare without Creating New Ones – Seth Carter, D.O.
  • Financial Barriers to Geriatric Care – Doug Fronzaglia, D.O.
  • Approaching Common Geriatric Issues Across 3 Different Healthcare Environments: Outpatient, Inpatient, and SNF – Jean Storm, D.O.
  • Adherence to Prescribed Treatment, Barriers and Resolutions – Ashley King, Pharm.D.
  • Updates on Value-based Purchasing for Primary Care – Danielle Hansen, D.O.

March 5 Lecture Handouts

  • Physicians’ Guide to Polypharmacy in The Elderly – Douglas Fronzaglia, D.O.
  • The Red Eye Differential Diagnosis – Chris Buzas, D.O.
  • Cardiovascular Screening of Athletes Before They Take the Field – Carmine D’Amico, D.O.
  • COVID-19 – Not Just A Physical Health Crisis But A Mental Health Crisis – Meghan McCarthy, D.O.
  • Medical Ethics for Physicians – Richard E. Ferretti, Esq.; Aaron E. Susmarski, Esq.
  • Individualizing Insulin Therapy for Optimal Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes – Fernando Melaragno, D.O.
  • Return to Exercise After COVID-19 Quarantine – Chris Rial, D.O.
  • COVID-19 – An Evolving Situation – Monika Murillo, M.D.

March 6 Lecture Handouts

  • Aesthetic Medicine – James Lin, D.O.
  • Act 31 Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Part 1 – Amy Blackman
  • Act 31 Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Part 2 – Amy Blackman
  • Managing Atrial Fibrillation – Carmine D’Amico, D.O.
  • Physician Wellness – Signs And Symptoms Of Burnout And What To Do – Meghan McCarthy, D.O.
  • The Doctor/Patient Relationship and Refusal of Care – Richard E. Ferretti, Esq.; Aaron E. Susmarski, Esq.
  • Current Considerations in the Management of Hyperlipidemia – Fernando Melaragno, D.O.
  • Malnutrition in Geriatric Patients – Douglas Fronzaglia, D.O.

March 7 Lecture Handouts

  • Visual Disturbances – Chris Buzas, D.O.
  • Gender Identity Issues – Gianpiero Martone, D.O.
  • Counseling Older Drivers, Tough Conversations – Ryan Lynch, D.O.
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound – The Utility in Common Primary Care Complaints – Chris Rial, D.O.