Summer CME 2023 July 24 Quiz

SPC2023 July 24 Quiz

Management of Eosinophilic Asthma- Danny Pulido, M.D.(Required)
What is the standard treatment for severe uncontrolled asthma?
Adult Orthopedics and Primary Care: When and Who to Refer- Anthony Ferretti, D.O.(Required)
What percentage of common orthopedic conditions/complaints are thought to be manageable in the primary care setting?
Their Whole World Changed Overnight: the Complex Impact of COVID on Children- Nicole Greenwood, M.D.(Required)
All of the following are true regarding the smart case review process except:
Celiac Disease- Brian Viviano, D.O.(Required)
Which of the following is true regarding the diagnosis of celiac disease?
Migraine Update: a Review of the Newest Migraine Medications- Ryan Lynch, D.O.(Required)
Which one of these medications can be used for both a migraine rescue medication as well as a migraine preventative medication?