Summer CME 2023 July 25 Quiz

SPC2023 July 25 Quiz

Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring; is it for Everyone?- Nicole Temofonte, D.O.(Required)
Which of the following is a benefit of personal continuous glucose monitoring?
Modern Approach to Urinary Incontinence- Lori Dulabon, D.O.(Required)
All of the following are FDA approved treatments for urge urinary incontinence, except:
Healthcare Employers Liability & Ensuring Safe Work Conditions- Richard Ferretti, Esq., Aaron Susmarski, Esq.(Required)
When dealing with sick and/or injured employees, employees are eligible for the following:
Acute Pancreatitis- Brian Viviano, D.O.(Required)
54 year old male presents with acute pancreatitis secondary to gallstones. On day three the patient is tolerating low fat diet with minimal pain and US reveals cholelithiasis without inflammation and no stones in the common bile duct. What is the best course of management for this patient?
Overview of Wegener's Granulomatosis- Juan (Danny) Pulido, M.D.(Required)
GPA diagnosis is confirmed by: