Summer CME 2024 July 11 Quiz

SPC2024 July 11 Quiz

Silver Diamine Fluoride – Clinical Approach to Caries Management for the Medical Practitioner – Thomas Yoon, D.D.S.(Required)
Who can use Silver Diamine Fluoride?
Update in Obesity Management – Thanh Hoang, D.O.(Required)
A 40-year-old white man presents with abnormal weight gain of 50 lbs over the past 2 years. Current BMI is 37.5 kg/m2. What is the classification of his obesity?
Autism Spectrum Disorder in Primary Care – Julia Marian, M.D.(Required)
Osteopathic manipulative therapy can help manage which of the following conditions associated with autism spectrum disorder?
Prescribing Controlled Substances in Florida – Laura Yard, M.D.(Required)
The safe prescribing of controlled substances require all the following except:
Understanding and Treating Addiction – Laura Yard, M.D.(Required)
The risk factors for developing an addiction include all the following except: