Summer CME 2024 July 9 Quiz

SPC2024 July 9 Quiz

Hirsutism: How to Address a Common Complaint – Nicole Temofonte, D.O.(Required)
A 23 year old female presents for evaluation of excessive facial hair growth. She has been waxing and shaving but is frustrated with how quickly the hair regrows. She reports menarche at age 12. Her menses have always been irregular. She has acne for which she has seen a dermatologist and uses prescription topical agents with some improvement in her symptoms. She is not planning pregnancy for a number of years. On physical exam, her BMI is 29. She is noted to have terminal hair growth on her upper lip, chin, and sideburns. Abdominal and pelvic exams were both normal with no evidence of masses. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this patient’s symptoms?
Updated Guidelines for Prostate Cancer Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Strategies – Lori Dulabon, D.O.(Required)
All of the following are TRUE, regarding prostate cancer screening except:
Domestic Violence & Sexual Violence 101 for Medical Care Teams or Hospital Response – Marcelina Gennace & Melissa Sutton-Estrada (Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center)(Required)
An incident of domestic violence in the United States occurs every:
Primary Care Approach to Elevated Liver Enzymes – Brian Viviano, D.O.(Required)
Patient presents with mild elevation in AST and ALT. He has a recent diagnosis of diabetes mellitus and osteoarthritis. You suspect Hereditary Hemochromatosis in this patient. What is your screening test of choice?